Tooling for a number of Tyers products is currently being sourced. These will add to the LNER patterns that we have obtained. The LNER patterns manufacture a variety of parts including parts for Saxeby & Farmer and Railway Signal Company equipment. These new items will be progresively added to our catalogue following further pattern identification. Unfortunately we do not have any official pattern lists associated with the patterns when we acquired them, and identification is taking longer than we might otherwise have liked. We have also secured quite a large drawing Library of LNER equipment which will help us to expand our range of supply.

We have a very large drawing library for LMS parts and would be pleased to supply parts subject to tooling being manufactured where we do not currently hold suitable equipment.

Until the catalogue is updated please enquire for LNER, LMS, Tyers Westinghouse, Saxeby & Farmer and Railway Signal Company items

For detailed information, please email with the details of your requirements, or write to Timesegment 155 Upham Road Swindon, SN3 1DR.


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