November 2022

Tyer Token Lock most major parts are now available. Like all parts we only manufacture to order. We hope to have the minor parts available soon which will allow an overhaul and service kits to be made available.
We hope to have ground signal lamp cases available shortly. We also expect to be manufacturing a batch of commutator contacts for 1947 block Instruments. We will also have available the correct Fillister head screws. Though both of these items will be dependent on suficient interest for us to make a bulk order from our suppliers.

February 2022

GWR Token Hoops are now available again to compliment the tablet version. Patterns for various Tyer components are now in preparation.

December 2019

Test Castings of Tyers Token Magazine have now been received. This means we are now in a position to manufacture new magazines, not just repair them.

June 2019

We can now undertake the overhaul of the Transfer Magazines and their adaptors. Shortly available will be new cast iron fronts to fit GWR token machines to allow Tyers Transfer magazines to be fitted to GWR machines and also most Tyers No.9 machines that do not already have the facility.
The availability of Bronze Tokens has become somewhat delayed as there are a limited number of foundries prepared to cast that correct grade of metaland at a sensible price.

April 2019

We are currently assisting Network Rail with the Token Machine Life extension projects. One of our first tasks is the overhaul of a number Tyers Token Transfer Magazine equipment.

August 2018

It is a little while since this page was updated, some of our recent manufactured items have included complete Tubular Signal Fittings kits, also some components for Timber Post signals, along with Facing Point Locks, along with Lock Stretcher Bars. We expect to be producing another batch of Facing Point Locks and Lock Stretcher Bars, this will include the GWR two hole fixing variety with the insulation within the rod rather than at the ends. Also to be produced will be some more signal fitting kits. We are also looking into Token Exchange Equipment. The production of some Tyers Tokens and spares have been delayed as samples failed to make expectation.

October 2016

Following agreement with Mors Smitt, the successors to Tyers Ltd, a number of Tyers parts will be available. First parts to be available will be the Bronze Tyers version of the Token Keys. We already supply alluminium Keys to the GWR specification. Patterns A to D will be available first, with the special available if there is demand. These products will be followed by Token Locks. Spares for token machines will also be available. Whether complete machines will be offered depends on there being demand, as they are not cheap to manufacture.

10 January 2007

Cataloguing of the LNER patterns continues. Identification has shown that the parts are principally for Saxby and Farmer, Railway Signal Company and therefore some Westinghouse Frames.

10 January 2007

Timesegment Limited have now acquired the rights to the Signalworks domain name. It is intended to use this for general signalling matters of interest to our customers.

4 November 2006

Timesegment joins other signalling manufacturers to sponsor a seminar on Heritage Railway Signalling held at Kiderminster Railway Museum.

9 September 2006

We have now obtained a quantity of LNER patterns which include Saxeby and Farmer and Railway Signal Company components. An update of the catalogue is being prepared.

10 April 2006

We are likely to be manufacturing some BR-SM ground frame components in the near future, as well as some spares for GWR Signal Box stoves.

13 January 2006

Information on potential bulk order discounts added added.

13 January 2006

Information on non cast items added site reorgabised to aid navigation.

29 September 2004

Timesegment has been granted product approval for the supply of most of its cast part to Network Rail.

5 February 2002

The downloadable catalogue has at last been updated with most of the ommissions corrected. There are some errors in the BR standard listing, but these are also ommissions, this is because parts have not been confirmed as BR Standard. A GWR 5 Bar frame is currently being overhauled spare parts both fabricated and cast are being manufactured if you require any parts now may well be the time to enquire to ensure a participation in what may be a bulk production run of some parts . Complete kits of castings for GWR standard signals are expected to go into production shortly.

24 October 2001

It has been brought to our attention that the downloadable list has a large number of ommisions in the non ferrous area, including locking nibs. If you cannot see what you want, please contact us and we will let you know if the parts are available. The catalogue will be replaced as soon as the revised version has been proof read. We are currently manufacturing a large number of GWR slide contact units for fitting to the lever frames. Both complete units and spares can be ordered during this bulk run.

17 September 2001

We will shortly be manufacturing a very large quantity of contact sets to go on GWR Lever frames. Complete units with covers will be available as will spare parts. Please enquire early to ensure that your requirements are included in the bulk order.

September 2001

We are currently manufaturing a number of GWR spectacle plates for a major customer, The oportunity therefore arises to purchase unmachined castings at a favourable rate.

For detailed information, please email with the details of your requirements, or write to Timesegment 155 Upham Road Swindon, SN3 1DR.


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